Common Law 
Invoked 2001 

Oath of Allegiance as per constitutional law

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This is the oath prescribed by Royal Command.

We take an oath to the constitution via the barons’ committee.  This removes our implied allegiance to the monarch and places it back with the constitution.  Allegiance to the barons is conditional: they cannot compel us to do anything but uphold the Magna Carta and our common law.

You can fill the oath by hand or electronically. The signatures must be hand-written. By following the steps below, your oath becomes a lawful instrument, which is undeniable in law. It is your Document of Intent.

 1. A baron’s address is profiled on The Oath (or choose a different one from the list of accepting barons).

 2. Print and sign your name.

 3. Get three witness signatures. Witnesses must be adults, unrelated to you, with no criminal record during the last 10 years.

 4. Send a photocopy of your oath to the baron via registered mail.

 5. Staple the receipt for the registered mail to your original oath and record the date it was received. Include the tracking number.

 6. You will need to send photocopies of your oath with your notice documents. Make several photocopies of your oath with the postal receipt lain across it.

 [It is an option to simply keep the witnessed Oath in a safe place but we recommend the Registered Mail: a public record of your Lawful standing.]  


To: Lord Craigmyle

 Scottas House, 



 PH41 4PL 

From: Maggie Carter

 16 Athome Street

Wobbly Bottom



 Sent by recorded post

Date: 23/03/2020


  Dear Lord Craigmyle,

  I, Maggie Carter, in full knowledge of treason being committed in Parliament, by delivering the Sovereign Peoples of this Common law land into the hands of foreign powers, in understanding of some wrongs done by the present holder of the office of Sovereign, from whom I now transfer my allegiance, do so willingly, and wholeheartedly enter into lawful dissent as the law demands by royal command, and I solemnly swear upon my Oath to obey the direction of the lords of the barons' committee whom invoked Article 61 of the 1215 Magna Carta on the 23rd March 2001, in accordance with the royal command to do so, as long as said barons act strictly according to constitutional law at all times without deviation, and until such times as redress of these present wrongs has been achieved.

 Sworn and subscribed on the 23rd March 2020 

  Signed. Maggie Carter Maggie Carter

 Witnessed by: Date: 23/03/2020

 1. Donald Duck.          Donald Duck

  2. Micky Mouse.        Micky Mouse

 3. Tweety Pie              Tweety Pie