Common Law 
Invoked 2001 

A corporation is something thats dead. Its an entity  that only exists in a legal framework.

Doesn't exist in any other framework at all. It only becomes an entity through legal mechanisms and legal mean. 

In essence when you were born and far too young to understand, a company with your name was created through your birth certificate. When your parents registered your birth, they actual created a company and handed ownership of that company, and that hands you over to the state.

Its important to remember that your parents were tricked and had no idea this was happening. This is why the state can take our children from their families and its not to be classified as kidnapping.

They own your child.

They own one tenth, because they register the child, they have 9 tenths, possession of the law but there still one tenth still floating about some where! And that government has claimed that one tenth.

They have to get the birth certificate within 48 hours of taking a child. If they don't get it they have to re-apply to oval to get another.

They have to get it as proof of who the "Slave" is.

The deception is done through the manipulation of word and language.

What Exactly is a Corporation?

A corporation is a legally distinct entity that has many of the rights attributed to individuals. These rights include the ability to enter into contracts, take out loans, sue others, be sued, own assets, pay taxes, and so on. A corporation is formed when individuals exchange consideration (usually in the form of cash) for shares of the corporation, which in turn creates a right to a portion of profits. Generally, the losses incurred by a shareholder of a corporation are limited to the amount invested; this concept is known as limited liability. Limited liability allows individuals to avoid personal liability for a business entity’s losses, thereby allowing risk-averse individuals to assume risks they otherwise would not have undertaken. Corporations also allow individuals to pool resources to achieve goals that would be unattainable by a person acting in an individual capacity, and can last longer than an individual’s lifetime. The benefits of the corporate form also create opportunities for abuse.

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